Humura Initiative
Tuma250 is joining all Rwandans and the whole world in the 27th commemoration of the genocide against the Tutsi. We join in particular those who lost their loved ones, families, and friends. Let us strive to continue the journey of unity we have embarked on for a safe, sustainable, developed Rwanda. In light of the commemoration, TUMA250 is committing 15% of its April’s revenues in form of basic needs supply to Genocide survivors in the Mageragere survivors village. This village consists of 100 families among which many have lost all their loved ones in the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi TUMA250 knows that many of its clients, employees, partners, and the general public are thinking of the survivors, especially during these times. In response to your generosity and your requests to join us, The organization has designed the KOMERA, URUMURI, CYIZERE, and HUMURA packages of different essentials for anyone willing to join the cause. To follow Covid guidelines, Tuma250 will select a few representatives that will present the donations to the Mageragere village Heads on 05/05/2021, a full report with pictures to follow. We honor the memory of the victims and stand in solidarity with the survivors. Remember-Unite-Renew.